What Are the 6 Most Popular IT Services?

  • Simon Archer
  • May 22, 2017
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Unless you are very familiar with how to develop, manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of your business, you will probably have to outsource different services to third-party providers that have the expertise and the experience you lack.

From ensuring the security of your servers to automating repetitive tasks, here are 6 examples of IT services your business might need.

1. DNS security

Your DNS servers are like the roadmap of your business. DNS security services can provide your business with the highest level of security. Your DNS security provider will help you learn about potential threats to your network, and proactively block them before they can cause any damage to your infrastructure.

2. Data security

Data security is another important aspect of IT. The goal of data security is to protect data from corruption, but also to prevent unauthorized access to a website, a computer or a database. Data security providers use encryption to make digital data unreadable to hackers, and authentication to prevent them from accessing a system.

3. Cloud integration

Your business needs a cloud integration stragegy. New technologies are simplifying business processes, but you first have to know how to integrate these technologies with your existing systems. Cloud integration services providers can help you make a seamless integration that will increase your productivity.

4. Network management

If you need some help to efficiently manage your IT network, network management services can make things easier for you. You will be provided with a software that contains different tools needed to operate, configure, administrate, and maintain your IT network so it can run smoothly and perform the way it is supposed to.

5. Data management

Your business collects and uses a lot of data, and this data needs to be managed efficiently. Data management services can help you get the most out of your data, by improving the way your team collects, manages, stores, and accesses the data they need daily. Data management services are another way to increase your productivity.

6. IT process automation

Some of your IT processes can surely be automated, which can help your team save valuable time and energy. With IT process automation services, the specific needs of your IT department will be assessed, and you will be provided with customized solutions to automate some repetitive tasks, increase your efficiency and achieve your goals.



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