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  • Simon Archer
  • February 9, 2019
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Starting a business can be an interesting time filled with a lot of mixed emotions. There will be everything from excitement to nervous anxiety. The most important thing for any potential business owners to be is positive. If you have made the decision that you want to be your own boss and that you want to be in the tech sector, you have some great options for tech startup ideas.

The first thing that you need to do is to decide what tech startup you want to own. You should take a look at your skills and see where in the tech world you can be a success. We have gathered some of the best tech startup ideas below to give you some inspiration. Good luck on your future with your tech startup!

Below are 8 simple tech startup ideas you may be interested in:

Startup Idea #1: Social Media Expert

Social media is a great and simple tech startup idea because the possibilities are endless. You can use the skills you have learned through your past experience to provide freelance or contract services. There are many businesses that are often too small to have their own in house social media expert. This can cause them to fall behind their competition. There is a real opportunity to provide this level of skill to business owners who need it. Staying relevant is very important in any industry.

As a social media expert, you will need to keep up to date on the latest trends and learn about a variety of different industries. After all, your client could be anything from a dentist to a toy manufacturer. They key here is to always be willing to adapt or change.

Startup Idea #2: SEO Specialist

Maintaining a healthy website is about a lot more than just keywords. Google is always changing the way that their search algorithms work. SEO specialists help businesses and online publishers optimize their online content for search engines. This can be a very lucrative startup idea once you have developed a list of clients. The best part about this startup idea is that the results that you are able to provide are measurable. This allows you to demonstrate value to your customers over time.

This specialism requires patience and a strong adherence to deadlines. This will allow you to make sure that you never miss out on an opportunity.

Startup Idea #3: Smartphone Repair

This will take a level of skill and some practice. If you have the skills personally or you hire the people that do, this can be a great startup option. Smartphones are expensive, and when they become damaged many people can’t afford to get a new one. This is why you see so many people with smashed or cracked screens. They are all waiting for their 2-year contract to end so that they can upgrade.

Startup Idea #4: Online Advertising Platform

Online advertising is another high tech area of online marketing. All you need to do is have inventory online or within apps and you can get to work. The important thing here is to make sure you are able to offer something that no other advertising platform can. This could be access to a niche audience or advanced targeting abilities.

Startup Idea #5: Web Design

If a business doesn’t have a website, then this can be a real turn off for potential customers. If the website is out of date, then you could also be in for some negative first impressions. Web design is very important for any business to be a success. If you have the skills to help design pages or fully update a website then this is that startup for you. There are many facets to this seemingly simple tech startup idea, so you will need to make sure that you are up to the challenge.

Startup Idea #6: Online Dating Site

Online dating is something that is now huge across the world. There are a few famous ones out there, each with their own quirks. You should make sure that you do your market research to see where there is an opportunity to enter the market. Try to think differently than your competition. A great example of this is Bumble. They differentiated themselves by having it be the women in the app that had to contact the men first in order to start a dialogue.

Startup Idea #7:Β E-Learning

Do you have skills that others would want to acquire themselves? Provided that you are able to demonstrate that you are qualified to train others in a given discipline then e-learning could be a great way to get started. The best thing about e-learning is that you can set up the new tech startup from your home without a brick and mortar location. With little to no setup costs, all you need to do is to get online and start teaching.

Startup Idea #8: App development

Everyone wants to have their own app these days. With good reason too. Consumers are using apps more than they are a browser on mobile devices these days. It is for this reason that app development companies have seen a huge rise in popularity. The downside to an app development startup is that it might require a certain amount of business funding and capital to get the project started initially. If your idea is strong, you may appeal for financing and resources from potential investors.

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