8 Quick Facts About VPS Hosting

  • Simon Archer
  • October 6, 2017
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Whether you don’t know anything about VPS hosting, or you are currently shopping around for the right solution for your business, here are 8 interesting things you should know about VPS hosting.

1. VPS stands for virtual private server

VPS stands for virtual private server. Instead of purchasing your own server to build and host your website, your business needs will be met by a virtual machine. The provider of your VPS hosting services will be the one taking care of the servers needed to host the websites of their different clients.

2. Web hosting has been created to meet a business need

Indeed, web hosting was created to meet a very important business need. During the first days of the Internet, those who wanted to create websites needed to purchase their own servers. Servers are expensive, and maintaining them is quite complex, so web hosting was a good solution.

3. There are 3 categories of web hosting services

There are 3 different categories of web hosting services. Shared hosting allows many users to have an account with the same operating system. Dedicated hosting is when a single user is using one server. VPS hosting is somewhere in the middle.

4. VPS hosting is often the most convenient type of web hosting

VPS hosting is the most convenient type of web hosting for many business owners. It’s more affordable than dedicated hosting, and it offers more freedom and more control than shared hosting. If you are just starting up your business, VPS hosting might be for you.

5. VPS hosting is for companies of any size

However, VPS hosting can accommodate companies of any size. Startups and small businesses will appreciate the price of VPS hosting, as well as the freedom it gives them. Larger businesses will also enjoy the different advantages of VPS hosting, and they will not have to purchase and maintain their own servers.

6. VPS hosting is customizable

Just like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting allows clients to customize their systems. This is interesting when you have some experience in website creation, and you know what you want to achieve with your company’s website. Shared hosting will not give you the same level of freedom and customization.

7. You should purchase managed VPS hosting

Unless you are an experienced server administrator, you should choose managed VPS hosting over unmanaged VPS hosting. When you choose managed hosting, your provider will be the one in charge of managing and monitoring the server, and of keeping it secure and efficient. There are different managed VPS hosting plans for you to choose from.

8. Make sure you know how much RAM you need

Before you purchase VPS hosting, try to calculate how much RAM you are going to need. If you have less than 1 GB of RAM, the performance of your website will probably disappoint you. You need to choose a VPS hosting plan with enough RAM to build and run your website.

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