8 Interesting Facts About Pig Farms

  • Simon Archer
  • September 19, 2018
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Do you know why pigs love hay? Did you know that most pig farms are using automatic pig feeders? Whether you are obsessed with bacon, you think pigs are cute, or you are thinking about becoming a pig farmer yourself, these 8 things you didn’t know about pig farms might surprise you.

1. Pig farms are more sustainable than they used to be

Even though the demand for pork meat keeps growing, pig farms are now more sustainable than they used to be. To produce a pound of meat, pig farms use a lot less land and water than they did 50 years ago, and their carbon footprint is much smaller.

2. Pig farms are embracing technology to become more efficient

Technology can help pig farms become more sustainable, but it also helps increase their efficiency. By improving their barns, using enhanced genetics, and implementing better management practices, pig farmers are able to do more with less resources.

3. Most pig farms now use automatic pig feeders

Automatic pig feeders are one of the technological improvements that can provide pigs with better nutrition. These automatic feeders can weight each pig, identify its unique tag, and dispense the right amount of feed without any waste.

4. Keeping pigs healthy is a priority for pig farmers

Taking good care of pigs and keeping them healthy is a top priority for pig farmers. They keep the pigs’ barns well sanitized, they provide them with access to fresh water, and they give them medications and antibiotics only when it is recommended by a veterinarian.

5. Automatic pig feeders help ensure that pigs are healthier

Automatic pig feeders help ensure that pigs are healthier, but also that they are happier. With automatic feeders, pigs have the freedom to eat whenever they want to. They never have to compete to get food, so they are less anxious and don’t feel the need to act aggressively.

6. Automatic pig feeders also help pig farms control their costs

Automatic pig feeders are a good investment for pig farmers, since they can help them control their costs. Feed will only be dispensed when pigs are ready to eat, and nothing will be wasted. Less labour will be required to keep the pigs well fed, which means that some money will be saved.

7. Fences that are not strong enough can get destroyed by pigs

Pigs are very strong, and their heads are built for digging into the earth. This means that any fence meant to keep pigs inside their pen has to be able to withstand their strength, if ever they decide that they want to escape.

8. Hay helps keep pigs entertained and happy

Pig farms need hay to keep their pigs entertained. Pigs love to build nests and to play with hay, so hay bales will give them something to do. They can also, of course, eat some hay whenever they want.

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