7 Interesting Facts About Red Wine

  • Simon Archer
  • October 27, 2018
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When you are unwinding at the end of the day, you might find it nice to enjoy a glass of wine while partaking in a relaxing activity. That glass of wine it not only a pleasant, temporary reprieve from the hectic nine to five life, but it actually has a surprising amount of health benefits when it is consumed in moderation. The next time you buy a bottle of red wine, you can feel a little less guilty.

Here are the seven interesting facts about red wine that may surprise you:

1. Red wine is packed with antioxidants

Since red wine is naturally sourced from fermented grapes, it is no surprise that a moderate amount of red wine can be a decent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for preventing heart disease as well as a few different kinds of cancer – particularly colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

2. It has chemicals that can help with weight loss

Red wine contains a natural chemical called Reservatrol which helps in transforming harmful white fat (which is very difficult to be burned off) into beige fat (which is much more manageable when someone is trying to burn off calories and lose weight). It is also believed that Reservatrol can cause certain cancer cells to cannibalize other cancer cells which would greatly reduce the chance of getting cancer and limit its spread.

3. It reduces inflammation which has a wealth of other benefits

Natural chemicals in red wine can suppress molecules in the body which causes inflammation. These same chemicals can also prevent the production of insulin. When these processes are positively affected by red wine, then it has anti-aging effects on the person consuming the wine.

4. It boosts bone density

Brittleness in the bones is a concern that grows the more you age, so it makes sense to grab a cup of almonds or drink more milk often. Red wine, with the high amounts of silicon it contains, is another consumable that can help increase your bone density with extra minerals. These minerals will lower your chance of getting osteoporosis in your older age.

5. Red wine promotes your heart health

In addition to being a decent antioxidant, red wine holds tannins which contain many procyanidins (which are phenols that neutralize free radicals and contribute to the overall health of the heart). Some studies found that red wine was good for blood vessels surrounding the heart, which can prevent heart and cardiovascular disease. These same procyanidins also lower cholesterol in the heart.

6. Red wine helps lower your risk of stroke

Alcohol is a blood thinner that can prevent blood clotting and therefor prevent strokes. Women, who are generally at a higher risk of heart and stroke-related diseases, can particularly find many benefits in a glass of red wine every night.

7. It Can Even Improve Mental and cognitive health

Even though alcohol is largely connected with killing off brain cells (and when consumed to excess, this statement is very true), there are chemicals in red wine that protects neurons in the brain from dying off. This means that red wine can help prevent brain diseases like dementia.

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