7 Different Types of Grass and Their Characteristics 🌱

  • Simon Archer
  • March 27, 2019
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If you are a realtor hoping to make the most from the sale of your property, you might want to invest in a well-manicured lawn to increase the property’s value. Below are a few types of grass you should consider for your lawn.

1. St Augustine

St Augustine is a popular yard grass that is a favourite with most people due to its endurance. Once matured, the grass is beautiful and relatively simple to take care of. It is generally a warm season grass, but depending on the climate of the region, it can thrive well during the autumn season. These types of grass flourish in sandy soils that are prevalent in warm areas.

The southern parts of the United States are ideally suited for this type of grass. When temperatures drop, the grass is dormant, and the grass begins to tan. This type of grass does not do well in cold regions; hence, if you live in such areas, you should consider an alternative type of grass.

2. Bahia

Bahia grass also does well in warm regions. Its texture is rough compared to other types of grass you are likely to encounter. It is an ideal grass for foot traffic as it sprouts back with ease, even after being trampled on. Your lawn should not be fully shaded to facilitate proper growth of the grass.

Bahia grass is versatile since it can thrive in many different soil types. When mowing the lawn, you should leave it at about two-and-a-half inches tall to ensure it stays healthy.

3. Zoysia

Zoysia grass is perfect for people looking into getting a low maintenance type of grass. It is a warm-season grass that grows gradually; hence you can easily get away with mowing it less often. With adequate water and sunlight, it is bound to grow dense and robust. It is mostly light green in colour, but it can also appear medium green.

Depending on the condition of the grass, the blades can either be fine or a little coarse. Since it is drought resistant, there is no need to panic if it does not rain for a couple of weeks. Although the grass will be dormant during the cold season, it copes with it better than St Augustine.

4. Bermuda

Bermuda is a highly popular dark-green, warm season grass. When healthy, it is quite a draw to people looking for a beautiful lawn that is also heat-tolerant. It can withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you reside in areas where temperatures rise up to such high degrees, the Bermuda grass would be a worthwhile choice to consider. Since it is a low maintenance type of grass, if you are the busy type with little or no time to spare, Bermuda grass is a perfect choice for your lawn.

5. Kentucky Blue Grass

These types of grass make some of the most beautiful lawns you could possibly imagine having. People whose lawns spot this type of grass value appearance and aesthetics above anything else. It is a cold season grass that thrives beautifully in moderate climates.

These types of grass can handle cold winters without much struggle, but it can hardly survive in extremely hot temperatures since it requires adequate moisture for it to look and stay healthy. Kentucky blue is also a high maintenance grass, and if you live in the drier areas and wish to have this Kentucky grass, you must be ready to water it.

6. Fescue

The fescue grass is easy to work with. For this reason, it is a popular choice for people who live in cold climate regions. Its blades grow upright and can be very appealing to look at. It thrives in both hot and relatively cold areas. Fescue grass is convenient for people who live in drought-prone areas, but you will still need to water it if the drought prolongs.

Fescue grass is able to handle weather fluctuations with ease and does not go into shock when temperatures changes.

7. Centipede

For centipede grass to yield best results, it needs a warm climate. With time, it gets quite thick while its colour alternates between dark and medium green. This grass generally looks good and does not need intensive maintenance and care. If you are extremely busy but still want your lawn to look appealing, the centipede grass is a perfect low maintenance grass that can thrive in the right climatic conditions. It can grow to its peak when placed in full sunlight. However, the effects of drought on centipede grass are dire. You, therefore, need to water it during prolonged hot seasons regularly.

Irrespective of the climatic conditions you live in, it is possible to have beautiful grass growing in your yard. All you need to know is which one suits you best, and the above types should give you a head-start in choosing a type of grass that would make your lawn a sight to behold.

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