6 Steps to Master Real Estate Email Marketing

  • Simon Archer
  • October 7, 2018
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Automated email drip campaigns and real estate e-newsletters nurture prospects for a long time. It will help to turn them into clients. By implementing an effective Client Relationship Management system with an integrated automated marketing feature, you can achieve a lot more than just managing contacts.

This duo system complements each other and offers more benefits than operating as a single system. In fact, this sophisticated CRM is building your business and client relationships.

Here are the many ways to unlock the power of your real estate email marketing using your CRM platform.

1. Marketing through your CRM platform

Integrated automated marketing built within your CRM will align your sales and marketing initiatives. You are nurturing your contacts and converting them much faster than before through drip email and e-newsletter campaigns. Prospects are constantly updated on new real estate listings or current trends on buying or selling real estate.

2. Send real estate newsletters your prospects will enjoy reading

The marketing component within your CRM enables you to stay in contact with your prospects without having to call and constantly try to convince them to invest. With a monthly e-newsletter that is prepared for you, your prospects will surely be in contact for more information and updates. The e-newsletter will feature high-interest articles that contacts will appreciate. Plus, you get to customize your edition before sending it out to your prospects. The e-newsletter formats are 100% mobile friendly and customizable to promote your company brand.

3. Convert leads with the drip email campaigns

Generating leads is easy, the difficulty is converting them. You do not have to personally meet, nurture and inform your prospects just to convert them. Now, the best real estate CRMs offer a library of letters, emails and other messages that you can use to target buyers, sellers, renters and other groups. These campaigns are prepared and ready to submit without having to spend too much time in preparation.

4. Identify the hot leads

No more guesswork on who is or who isn’t a hot lead. The reporting on the email campaigns provide accurate insights that remove guesswork. The statistics will show you how many of your prospects have opened the e-newsletter, the click rate and more which can be used to identify the hot prospects. You are able to immediately identify the prospects who are looking for information to make an investment decision. You can give these prospects a call to see how best you can help them with their real estate investment.

5. Customize your newsletter with personal branding, graphical email headers and signature

A customize newsletter will ensure your brand is always visible to the prospect. Overtime, they will know, like and trust your brand because your marketing offers a personal touch with your own signature. Apart from listing interesting properties to invest in or new trends on real estate developments, you can also send out birthday messages, a congratulation message for a move in anniversary as well as holiday greeting e-cards. This shows your hot leads or potential clients that you are thinking about them.

6. The marketing automated system harnesses the CRM contact database

The integrated email marketing system with your CRM offers a powerful and intelligent sales platform to grow your business. It provides more insights than just your pipeline of hot leads. It tracks real-time data to understand which of your prospects are actively seeking information and who to engage with immediately. This gives you a better chance of closing the sale. The email marketing campaigns enable your business to manage and communicate with hot prospects at the right time offering more conversion certainty. Prospects receive information when they are ready to make a decision.

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