6 Geeky Facts About Immunization Clinics

  • Simon Archer
  • February 13, 2018
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Immunization clinics can be vital to making sure you get the protection you need, and make sure to keep everyone around you protected. There are many different reasons you may need to use an immunization clinic, but it is never something you want to take lightly. The potential diseases you are being protected from can often be fatal and should not be taken lightly. On top of that, you are helping everyone around you at the same time.

1. What difference do they make?

Immunization clinics have a major impact across all of Canada. Before it was known how to prevent and offer protection from these diseases, they were one of leading causes of death in Canada. Now, these same fatal diseases are responsible for less than 5 per cent of all deaths. We are at a point where we do not need to think about the fatality of these diseases, but it comes back if you do not get the proper immunization.

2. Importance while travelling

There are many different reasons a person may need to travel. There can be personal obligations, there can be business issues or can even a short vacation. In any case, there are often shots you will need to get to protect you from things in a different environment. There are certain things that you may not have to worry about here, that can be damaging and life threatening in a different country. It is vitally important to make sure you protect yourself from any kind of disease that you may be exposed to while travelling.

3. Not just about you

Immunization clinics are there to protect individuals when they need it, but it has a larger impact. Immunization protects the greater population from the kinds of diseases that would at one point have been fatal. The less individuals there are carrying a disease, the less risk everyone is going to be at. Collectively, immunization clinics help protect people that may not even realize the kind of risks that would exist without the immunization.

4. Get the information you need

Depending on your situation and where you may be going, there are a lot of different things that need to be considered. It is important to make sure you look to all resources available to you to ensure you are protected from everything. You do not want to put yourself at risk for anything, and you do not want to risk having a greater impact than just the damage done to yourself. You can find information online, or you can consult any kind of doctor or physician to make sure you are fully protected.

5. Assured safety

Some people may have safety concerns when it comes to certain kinds of immunization, but it is important to know all the protocols put in place in Canada. First, it takes around 10 years of research before something can be approved, and it does not stop there. After approval, Health Canada ensures that things are further monitored by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and by IMPACT.

There are some risks, because different people can react different depending what is being administered. That being said, you will be protecting yourself from much more serious and threatening things by making sure you get the proper immunization.

6. Immunization regulations

While immunization is not mandatory in Canada, there still are some regulations that need to be followed. There are certain areas where you may need to give proof of immunization in order to be administered at a school. There will also be protocol in place for those not immunized in the case of an outbreak that could threaten them.

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