6 Benefits of Accurate, Non-Destructive Leak Detection Equipment for Food Packaging

  • Simon Archer
  • January 26, 2019
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  • 6 Benefits of Accurate, Non-Destructive Leak Detection Equipment for Food Packaging

The food manufacturing industry relies on leak detection equipment to determine if foods are ready to get shipped and hit the market. Below are six of the biggest benefits of equipment that can do this accurately and without destroying the packaging during testing.

1. Save Time By Getting the Right Determinations the First Time

Manually conducting packaging tests can lead you to get inaccurate or incomplete results. Being pressed for time, or backed up can lead to costly human error mistakes. Packages of the product can be sent out in less-than-ideal sealed conditions. You can quickly end up in a recall situation, or the customer will not purchase your brand anymore if the quality is bad.Β For more knowledge, Flexpak inc may offer additional resources on their website.

2. Create an Automated Package Testing System

Non-destructive leak detection for food packaging is the right equipment to set up an automated system of checks. It makes the assembly line of packaging smoother and frees up labor otherwise taken up through manual testing. Eliminate the need for a separate area to test by adding to your existing packaging line.

3. Reduce Packaging Waste

Non-destructive food packaging testing by definition will not destroy the package. You can get the results you need without having to send the product back through the line for the sake of having been tested. It reduces waste by limiting new packaging to repacking failed products only.

4. Reliable, Repeatable Results

Reliability in getting leak detection results is an important part of successful packaging testing. You need to be able to produce results that can be repeated or duplicated. Great packaging testing equipment takes human error completely out of the loop. You should be able to get the same results for the same packaging under similar circumstances. Consistency is key.

5. Pass-Fail Easy-to-Understand Results

Preferred food packaging leak detection equipment provides easy-to-read results that make it simple to determine the pass or fail of each tested product. No packaging area wants to try wrangling equipment that is difficult to use and gives results that can’t always be trusted.

6. Test Packaging Before Adding Expensive Products

The ability to test packaging before adding high dollar items, such as choice cuts of meat, keeps you from losing product. It’s a more cost-effective method of ensuring food products are getting to their destination fresh, and safe to eat. The added savings make it possible to comfortably fit uniform testing into most budgets.

Non-destructive food packaging leak detection is a better way to guarantee the packaging is sound without destroying the existing packaging or products.

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