5 Steps to Set Up Your Document Management System

  • Simon Archer
  • November 12, 2017
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The term “paperless” doesn’t do justice to document management systems. Document management systems serve as a central repository for all your essential records. This respiratory can be easily accessed, viewed and shared among your team members. Document management systems are updated in real time and act as an excellent way to secure your documents. Document management systems will change the way how your team works together. This blog post looks at five different benefits of investing in a document management system.

1. What Is A Document Management System?

If you’re not careful, information can overrun your business. Document management involves analyzing, capturing and storing information essential to your businesses’ critical processes and procedures. Document management systems use software to make it easy for you to combine your electronic and physical files into a single hub. Checks, business cards, and any other business documents can simply be scanned and managed by your document system.

A huge advantage of using document management systems is the ability to edit documents in real time. Document management systems are similar to CRM solutions in that they provide a comprehensive medium for managing your company’s data. Document management systems are excellent tools to help you streamline your office.

2. Document Management Systems Help Your Team Become More Efficient

The more centralized your tasks are, the easier it is for your staff to work together. Instead of spending time filing, labeling and searching for documents, employees can use their energy in more efficient ways. With a document management system, it only takes a couple of seconds to bring up a document by client name, company name, keywords or any other small details you remember. Another benefit of a document management system is everything is updated in real time which means fewer updates for your employees.

3. Implementing A System For Documents Allows You To Save On Paper

Having a centralized place for your employees to do work reduces the amount of paper used in your office. You can have meetings with employees who are out of office and still share the same piece of “paper” by using the document management system. The average office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper each year, which quickly adds up for your company. Document management systems make it more practical to use scrap paper to take notes since all the main work will be done on an easily accessible system.

4. Document Management Systems End Up Paying For Themselves

Imagine what you could do with all the space in your office if you got rid of your unnecessary paperwork. Most businesses have a room or two dedicated to multiple filing cabinets that no one ever wants to look through. With a document management system, all you need to do is transfer the information once, and then you’ll be able to access it through the system forever. Document management systems make it practical for you to cut down on the amount of space in your office used for storage.

5. Document Management Systems Are Secure

A locked door is pretty much all the protection you have to offer sensitive documents in your filing cabinets. Older sensitive information that isn’t used every day is vulnerable to falling through the cracks and being exposed to the wrong people. Document management systems allow you to control exactly who you want looking at certain documents.

All in all, if you’re looking for a way your business can get better, start with how your team handles information. Technology makes it easy for you to eliminate hundreds of hours spent filing, organizing and searching for documents. Document management systems provide your business with a secure and efficient way to deal with large volumes of information across your entire company.

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