5 Frequently Asked Questions About Office Cleaners

  • Simon Archer
  • January 3, 2018
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Office cleaning is an integral part of running your company. It keeps your offices fresh and pest free for your employees as well as any clients who may be entering your office space. It can also affect productivity and attendance in the workplace.

1. What do office cleaners do?

Office cleaners come into your office space and provide the necessary services to keep it clean. They take care of whatever your specific cleaning needs want. This could be anything from cleaning the floors, bathrooms and emptying garbage cans to deeper cleaning jobs like floor waxing and carpet cleaning. They can also be in charge of replenishing supplies like toilet paper, paper towel and soap.

Different office cleaning companies offer different services, so if you decide on what your needs are you can shop around for a company that can cater to the needs you find most important.

2. What are the benefits of hiring office cleaners?

For starters, it means you and your colleagues will not have to do it yourselves. Time is money, and wasting employee talents on something that is not their specialty is a waste of time. Everybody has their talents, and you hired your team so that they can exercise their talents in your sector. Hire a professional janitorial service for their talents in keeping your office space clean and comfortable.

You will get a better, deeper clean. These professionals know how to make your workspace spotless. They will know to find and clean spaces that would normally be overlooked, and will be able to do so in the most effective manner.

Another benefit is that it will create a safer working environment for you and your colleagues. Office cleaning greatly reduces the harmful bacteria and germs in your office and it will get rid of dust which over time can be tough on the lungs and cause health problems.

3. What are some things to pay attention to?

You should make sure to hire a company that is bondable and insured. This ensures the safety of your items. In the event that anything gets damaged or goes missing, it will not be a total loss.

Most cleaning companies bring their own supplies, but every company is a little different. Don’t assume anything! Make sure you know how the company works and if you are expected to provide anything.

Watch the cost too. You’ll want to find a good price, but if the price is too low there may be a reason. It could mean the company is cutting corners somewhere which might make them less reliable or less likely to do a good quality cleaning job. Make sure you do your research on the company before hiring.

4. What are your expectations for office cleaning?

Are you looking for a full deep clean or just someone to empty the garbage and recycling? How often do you want cleaning services offered?

Communicate and clarify your wants and needs before the services start. Decide on exactly what you want and what you expect from your cleaning service so you can properly relay that information to them. This will help avoid confusion and ensure your happiness with the service.

5. How much does office cleaning cost?

As with many services the prices vary greatly, which makes it difficult to know which company is offering what you need at a decent price. Factors that can affect the price of your cleaning services are office size, services needed, and how frequently you would like cleaning done.

The important thing to remember is that it is a positive investment for your office that will have many benefits.

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