5 Cool Features of Employee Timesheet Software

  • Simon Archer
  • December 20, 2017
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Manually tracking time placing a severe burden on your company. Even if you don’t feel it, precious hours are wasted each day working on the tasks surrounding payroll. Your employee’s time is far too valuable to be stuck adding up numbers. Using an employee timesheet solution can help your business and HR department specifically become more efficient. This blog post looks at five different ways employee timesheet solutions can help your business.

1. Automation Creates Less Work For Your Payroll Staff

Tracking, recording, and processing work hours is a burden on your HR staff. Upgrading to an electronic system can drastically reduce the amount of time your staff spends punching numbers rather than focusing on building the company. Using an automated system also reduces the number of human errors in your bookkeeping records. No matter how good an employee is, a simple misplaced decimal or digit can lead to massive errors that require hours of recalculation. Using an employee timesheet solution allows you to get the most out of your employees by giving them the opportunity to become more efficient at their jobs. By relieving your team of the burden of payroll calculations, you make it easier for them to succeed in the other vital areas of their job.

2. Easy Way To Increase The Accuracy Of Employee Hours

It’s estimated that over 75% of businesses lose money from employees punching in for other employees when they’re not really present. Punching in for a friend allows for longer, more leisurely breaks which affect your bottom line. Using an employee timesheet software requires each employee to log in for themselves. With an electronic system, there’s little room for error. When it comes time to do year-end calculations, you won’t have to chase after employees asking them to remember which days they worked and what time the arrived and left. Automated time tracking systems are a great way to save your company time and money.

3. Employee Timesheet Solutions Can Grow With Your Business

Paper-based systems are barely passable for small businesses. If you have plans to grow, you need a solution that can grow with you. Even managing the time records for under ten employees can get hectic for a small business. Implementing an automated system in an established business is doable but much more difficult than it needs to be. Starting with a solution that grows with your company saves you time and money in expansion costs. Employee timesheet solutions can track all your employee hours while easily adding new employees and changes in pay to the database.

4. Online Timesheets Are An Easy Way To Implement Employee Monitoring

Online employee timesheet solutions are extremely versatile tools. They allow you to monitor employees without occurring additional expense. You can get employees to use the system to provide screen captures of their work or custom reports to ensure accountability. Your system can also easily accommodate contract workers which allows you to put some type of trust system in place for first-time contractors. Employee timesheet solutions go beyond just tracking time. They are excellent solutions to help you manage your team at a high level.

5. Timesheet Solutions Are A Great Way To Keep Project Hours Under Control

Tracking billable hours is another time suck that takes away from your ability to focus on your work. Instead of asking your project leaders to track hours, using an employee timesheet software is an excellent way to ensure accurate billing. Law firms, web development firms, and ad agencies are examples of companies that have many short-term projects that involve the help of contract workers. Using an employee timesheet solution is an excellent way to track and keep hours under control.

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