5 Commonly Asked Questions About Hard Drive Destruction

  • Simon Archer
  • September 23, 2017
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It takes a little more than smashing a hard drive to pieces to protect your data over the coming years. Criminals and others with nefarious intent are now using sophisticated means to extract data from old hard drives and to capitalize on the data they discover. It’s important to go through with the hard drive destruction process carefully. To help guide you during this process, we’re looking at several questions to ask when beginning the hard drive destruction process.

1. Who’s Taking My Hard Drives?

The company that takes your hard drives for the destruction process should be taken into careful consideration. Rather than having your systems destroyed by companies with limited experience in the industry, it’s important to look into the background of the firm. Do they have the requisite experience to handle the process? What are the security protocols they have in place to protect your data before the destruction takes place? Make sure you consider these questions before choosing a specialist.

2. Will the Destruction Permanently Erase Data?

It’s essential that the vendor you select for the destruction process can guarantee that no data can be retrieved from the destroyed system. Make sure that they go through various processes to assure the full destruction of the hard drive, and then ask for concrete information on how the hard drive was destroyed when the work is completed. Oftentimes companies fail to research this process, and then find that their hard drives were not completely destroyed, thereby putting their data at risk.

3. Do You Provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Make sure that the company you select can certify the destruction process. This will prove to regulators within your industry that you have undertaken the destruction and are in full compliance with all regulations regarding private data destruction. The certification will highlight how the hard drive destruction process was completed, and the data on which the process took place, thereby further protecting your organization against data leaks.

4. What Services Do You Provide?

There is more than one way to destroy a hard drive and to protect data from being released. And so many companies now offer multiple forms of hard drive destruction, and you may be tasked with choosing between several options. One of the leading options for the destruction process is shearing the hard drives. This process involves slicing the entire hard drive into small pieces using over 40,000lbs of destructive force. Using this level of force helps destroy the drive platter and the electronic components within the drive, making all data unrecoverable.

Another destruction option is crushing the hard drive. This involves punching a hole through each hard drive using 7,500lbs of destructive pressure. The process will ripple the magnetic components and cause irreparable damage to the drive to make it unrecoverable.

5. Can You Provide a Chain of Custody?

Getting a chain of custody for your hard drive is critical to ensure your data is protected throughout the destruction process. And so you should be able to see a full run down of which stakeholder will have ownership of the drive at various stages. The company you work with should also be able to provide you with GPS location services for the hard drive, showing you exactly where the system is within the destruction process. Using this chain of custody for high visibility can help keep you up to date and protected throughout.

Hard drive destruction is now the most effective means of protecting private data on company systems. Make sure you follow the questions within this post and choose a specialist that is able to answer all questions based on their experience and reputation in the data security field.

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