4 Likeliest Places You Will Find a Mascot

  • Simon Archer
  • October 9, 2018
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Identity and recognition is more important than ever these days. It seems that everyone has multiple identities, whether they be personal, professional, or online simulacrums, these different sides of people compose an overall identity for them. Well, since there are various sides to people, then why can’t there be multiple faces to companies, brands, and movements?

Sure, there is the professional side, as well as the service aspect, but what about the public perception? It is true that professionalism and good service enhance perception, but there are also many good ways to appeal to the public.

One of the best ways is to invest in a mascot, a character that is memorable and proudly represents whatever is in need of representation. Vibrant mascot costumes are an even better way to take your character and turn it into a real, tangible symbol that the public can openly interact with.

Who will get the most use out of these costumes though? Taking a good look at the guide below may just give you some indication of where these types of mascots will be most applicable to use.

1. Schools

Schools are temples to education and knowledge, yet they’re are still filled with a sense of pride and competitiveness. This is probably due to a drive to make the environment fun for the students. If they feel proud of their home, then they will be more inclined to take extra effort to actually go to their classes.

Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, but adding a costumed mascot to your roster of features you give them one more little thing to stick around for. Plus, it’s just fun to have around, right?

2. Companies

Doing good work will get you very far in the professional world. Word will easily spread that your company is a reliable and safe option for whatever services it is that you offer. However, a little boost never hurts. Offering deals or specials on certain days will certainly get people talking, but mascot costumes are also a great way to stir up some chatter.

A colourful, memorable character representing your business will hopefully stick with people and bring your services to mind whenever they need them. Some may call this, “Living in their heads, rent-free,” and that’s an advantage that you can always use.

3. Organizations

When it comes to success for organizations, awareness is the key. For example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought a great deal of awareness to ALS and most certainly helped the organizations supporting research of the disease.

While that is one path to take in the search of awareness, mascot costumes can have a similar effect. It will draw attention to the organization and that may just give you the boost you need to make your cause explode in popularity. Just be sure to create or choose a good mascot worthy of representing your movement.

4. Theme Parks

When you think about theme parks, you think about fun and amusement. What says fun more than a fun mascot for the visitors to interact with? A good, well thought out mascot will draw kids to the park and may just be memorable enough to charm the adults, as well. Plus, having the costumed mascot walk around the park during operating hours will make the experience much more memorable for everyone in attendance. Who doesn’t love getting to meet the special character at the theme park?

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