4 Geeky Facts About Keyless Door Locks

  • Simon Archer
  • January 2, 2018
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A keyless door entry is something that some people may associate with vehicles, but it is also a way of gaining access into a building. It is a time-saving technology that is also very convenient. It has actually been around for years, yet, you may also have noticed that not too many buildings, especially residential buildings like apartments do not use this.

Some buildings do, but this appears not to be the majority. There are options and features that are actually beneficial if you choose to have this installed in your building, so let’s take a closer look at how life can be better using this system.

1. Convenient

There’s no doubt that ease of use and convenience is a big benefit of using a keyless entry system, however, it is also more than that. For one thing, you don’t need to struggle with a bunch of keys and anyone knows that when you have your hands full, it’s irritating. You sigh with relief when your hands are full and you’re tired and someone opens the door for you! Electronic door locks such as keypads are very simple to install as well as maintain. You can also upgrade relatively easily.

Since they are battery-powered, there is no cost of wiring things up to the door which makes it less of a hassle, saving some money as well. Even if there was a power failure, you are never going to be locked out.

2. Efficient Access Control

When security is of a concern, especially when a building has high employee traffic, an access system must be able to handle the needs of the users. A keyless entry system is great for this purpose. Mechanical keys can get copied, stolen or lost (many of us know this!) but with a password, these risks are eliminated.

Even if a well-chosen password is used, it is still advisable to change it from time to time. There are some systems where you can program certain features to restrict access to some users as well during certain times.

3. Re-keying Takes Time & Money

Contacting a locksmith to re-key mechanical locks is a popular option. However, this can be time-consuming and costs money, as many a business with a high employee turnover can probably vouch for. Some of these businesses, such as a large grocery store has high turnover as well as long hours and large physical spaces. This makes it quite a challenge for the employer and the security staff as keeping track of physical keys can be tricky. The business must be organized in dealing with this but it can still be a problem. This wastes time unnecessarily.

Keyless entry locks, on the other hand, have the ability to revoke or add access in an instant. Managing numerous individuals is so much simpler and it is much easier to customize access to specific employees.

4. Durable & Attractive

The evolution of keyless entry has added durability and attractiveness to these systems. Many of these systems are made from tough materials to withstand harsh weather while preventing unwanted access. They are also designed to look attractive and sleek with touch screen interfaces.

The most important consideration is obviously security. A keyless entry system certainly fits the bill. For whatever needs your home or business may require, the best thing is to speak to a specialist to get the right system.

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