20 Interesting and Fun Facts About Pizza 🍕

  • Simon Archer
  • March 31, 2019
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Pizza is delicious, and it’s also a lot of fun to eat. You can either make it at home, cook the pizza in an oven, buy it frozen from the grocery store, eat it at your favourite restaurant, or order it from a pizzeria, and it comes in a wide variety of flavours and toppings.

Enjoy these 20 fun facts about pizza while you consider what you should eat tonight.

Interesting Facts About Pizza:

  1. Flat breads with a few toppings sprinkled on top, known as focaccia, were the ancestors of modern day pizza. They used to be sold in the streets as a dish for poor people.
  2. The pizza as we know and love it today was invented in the Italian city of Naples, in the late 18th century. People started adding tomatoes to their flat breads, and realized they had found an exciting flavour combination.
  3. Pizza used to be eaten mostly in Italy, but it traveled to the United States with Italian immigrants during the 19th century. From there, it eventually conquered the world. The first American pizzeria was opened in 1903.
  4. Many people think pizza is junk food, but healthy pizza does exist, and it might be becoming more and more popular. Look for an option that has less cheese, less sodium, healthier toppings, but still an amazing taste.
  5. It’s estimated that 5 billion pizzas are sold and eaten around the world each year. This estimation doesn’t include the ones that pizza lovers make at home with their favourite fresh ingredients.
  6. Have you ever eaten pizza for breakfast? Apparently, 36% of Americans agree to say that pizza would make a perfect breakfast to start their day on the right foot.
  7. Pizza Hut, a well-known pizzeria chain, has more than 18,000 stores in 100 countries around the world. This include their dine-in restaurants, as well as carry-out and delivery locations.
  8. In New York City, there is some sort of unwritten economic law known as the Pizza Principle, which states that taking the subway should cost approximately the same as buying one slice of pizza.
  9. The largest pizza in the world was prepared in Rome, Italy on December 13th, 2012. It had a total surface area of 1,261.65 m². It was named Ottavia, as an homage to the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, and it was entirely gluten-free.
  10. The most popular pizza topping is, unsurprisingly, pepperoni. Approximately 62% of pizzas eaten around the world feature at least one meat topping. In Japan, one of the most popular meat toppings is squid.
  11. The most expensive pizza you could buy costs $2,700 US, and it is sold by Industry Kitchen, in New York. It is topped with white Stilton cheese, foie gras, truffles, caviar, and 24K gold leaves.
  12. A man named Scott Wiener, who lives in New York City, holds the Guinness world record for the largest collection of pizza boxes. On October 23rd, 2013, he owned 595 different pizza boxes! He probably has added a few to his collection since then.
  13. In 2001, Pizza Hut paid the Russian Space Agency to deliver a small 6 inch pizza to the International Space Station. It was part of a publicity stunt, but the astronauts who received this pizza were certainly delighted.
  14. The world’s largest pizza industry show, International Pizza Expo, is held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. It welcomes pizzeria owners, distributors, food brokers, and many pizza-related exhibitors.
  15. In the United States, October is National Pizza Month. Some pizzerias celebrate by giving free pizza slices to their customers or offering them big discounts, while others will donate the proceeds of their pizza sales to charity.
  16. In 2016, to celebrate the opening of the first Pizza Hut restaurant in Tanzania, a group of employees went on a 4 days hike to deliver pizza to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. They hold the record for the highest altitude pizza delivery on land.
  17. Some of the most popular pizza restaurant chains in Canada include Pizza Pizza, Boston Pizza, Vanelli’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, and Little Caesars. Some of these restaurants offer some pizza types that are only available in Canada.
  18. It’s estimated that in America, each person eats an average of 46 pizza slices each year. Of course, there are people who claim they don’t eat pizza, but the ones who do make up for them.
  19. A man named Brian Edler holds the record for the most pizzas made in one hour. He made 206 of them at the Domino’s Pizza in Findlay, Ohio, on December 9th, 2010. In fact, he made 215 pizzas, but the judges claimed that only 206 of them were acceptable.
  20. Most pizzas sold around the world have a diameter of 14 inches. What size of pizza do you usually order?
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