14 Types of Tapes Used for Packaging 📦

  • Simon Archer
  • February 18, 2019
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Not all packaging tape is the same. The brown and clear packaging tape is used for standard packing and is the only option for most people. Familiar as it may be, it is not the only available type of tape to secure cartons and pack your shipment for delivery. Your knowledge of the packaging tape types can enhance your business’s profitability.

Below are 14 types of tapes commonly used for packaging.

Type 1: Polypropylene Tapes

Polypropylene tape is a type of tape that is strong, durable and clear.

Polypropylene is a strong, durable, and clear tape used by many people. It does not tear easily or break even under extreme shipping conditions. It is cheap but difficult to tear with hands. It would help if you had knives, scissors or a dispenser to break it. This type of tape assures your product’s security and safety while in transit.

Type 2: The PVC Tapes

The PVC tape is a high-quality tape. It provides firm support and high performance for your every shipping need. Although these types of tapes are expensive, the investment is worth the product. It is ideal for packing valuable products that need enhanced security to avoid potential damages.

Type 3: Printed ‘Fragile’ Tapes

This type of taype is meant to inform handlers and couriers that the package is fragile and should be handled with caution. The word “fragile” is printed in bold red letters to enhance visibility. Fragile tapes are white in colour. It would be improper to fail to indicate that your products need to enhance care and handling. The printed fragile tape is your ideal brand for securing products all the way to the end user.

Type 4: Kraft Paper Tapes

This tape is designed to provide a high adhesive for various applications. It blends well with boxes of all shapes. It is brown and can be torn easily by hand. Kraft paper tape is two-and-a-half inches wide and six-hundred feet long. To stick the tape, just wet it and then slap it on.

Type 5: Custom Printed Tapes

Your preferred packing tape can be printed with your business information and logo. This way, you build your brand awareness while at the same time tightly sealing packages. These types of custom printed tapes doubles up as a unique way to market your product. Your preferred printer can procure the type of tape you want and customize it to your business needs.

Type 6: Cross Weave Filament Tapes

This type of tape keeps your items secure. It reduces the risk of deliberate or accidental opening by fraudulent and unauthorized parties. The attendant fibreglass filaments make it impossible to open the package by hand. This way, the shipment is more secure since any interference with the packages can be noted fast.

Type 7: Masking Tapes

Masking tape is another type of packing tape. It is not recommended for shipping packages since it is not strong enough and can easily come off. Masking tape can be useful when packing small items to delivered within a short distance.

Type 8: Packing Tapes

Packing tape is pressure-sensitive and is used on various applications. It is used to seal packages and boxes for shipment. The commonly used ones are available in widths of two to three inches. They are made from polyester or polypropylene backing.

Type 9: Transparent Office Tapes

This is one of the most used tapes in the world. It is also called the “Scotch tape.” It’s useful in applications such as repairing torn paper products, sealing envelopes, and holding light objects as a package.

Type 10: Gaffers Tapes

Gaffers tape is a dense plastic or fabric tape. It is widely used in the entertainment space to hold down chords and cables. The adhesive peels off cleanly from objects and leaves little or no residue.

Type 11: Duct Tapes

It has a strong adhesive and a plastic coated fabric backing. Duct tape is mainly used in situations that require versatile and strong tape that can easily be torn by hand.

Type 12: Double-Sided Tapes

This tape has adhesive on each side. It is useful for bonding two surfaces. Some products may need to be put together in the packaging process to make it easy to pair them according to the intended use. The double-sided tape is invisible between the products but binds them as one.

Type 13: Spike Tapes

Spike tape is a thinner version of gaffers tape. It marks where equipment needs to go or where people should stand. These types of tapes are commonly used by actors to bundle wires and mark boxes.

Type 14: Electrical Tapes

Electrical tape is made of vinyl and designed to conform and stretch to irregular surfaces. The tape wraps electrical cables, protecting them from the elements. It also packs together materials that highly conduct electricity, insulating them from the possible flow of current.

No matter what your need for a packing tape may be, there is a brand that meets your requirement. These packing tape brands are available in the market today. Whether packing for domestic or international deliveries, your choice for packing tape should be informed by the product type, transportation means, and your budget.

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