10 Most Interactive Dog Activity Toys for Playful Puppies 🐢

  • Simon Archer
  • January 30, 2019
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Everyone knows what dogs are like. They are loving and playful and incredibly loyal. So, why not get our best friends the toys that they will love and appreciate?

Let’s list some of the most interactive dog activity toys that will give your pooch lots of fun:

1. The Buster Cube

This dog activity toy will give your dog mental stimulation as well as exercise. You can place treats or even food, like their dried kibble and as they manage to get it out, they’ll gobble it up in a flash and keep going! This is great for burning excess energy.

Kibbles will rattle in there, so it makes a noise as your dog pushes it about. Since it stimulates mental function, your dog won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

2. Talking Babble Ball

This adorable dog activity toy is one of my absolute favourites. Dogs are intrigued by this because every time it is touched, it makes animal noises or voices. Dogs don’t know what to make of it! The look on their faces are so cute and some of their reactions are just enough to make you melt but get cramps from laughing.

3. Everlasting Fun Ball

This is another treat-dispensing dog activity toy. Your dogs will love this toy mainly because of the treats! This toy can hold a good amount of treats. It can be a little more difficult to get at the treats, but that is also a good thing.

Keeps the pooches determined and stimulated, since they know there are goodies inside. It is great as a ball as well, especially for chewing. Just remember to monitor constantly.

4. Kong

This is incredibly popular. There are several Kong toys which are multipurpose and they are long-lasting. The classic Kong is the one most dog owners recognize, the one that looks like three balls squeezed together and hollow in the middle. Made from durable rubber, the classic Kong bounces irregularly, so it can fly off in any direction. Stick some treats in there and that will keep your dog busy for a while!

5. Tricky Treat Ball

You just can’t go wrong with a dog activity toy that dispenses treats, can you? Here’s another one that does just that. Stick some treats or kibble into this interactive ball and your dog will be in heaven. Your dog will play with it and manage to get the treats eventually. This keeps them entertained for long periods. The Tricky Treat ball comes in small, medium and large, so there should be one for your pooch. Not very expensive either.

6. iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Oh god, your doggy is going to love this dog activity toy! It is a bit more expensive but absolutely worth it. They can learn to place the ball at the top eventually and after a couple of seconds, the ball is launched and they go chasing after it.

Any breed of puppy can learn to play on their own eventually, so you can do some work around the house! I have seen dogs stomp their feet and bark in anticipation as the ball is about to be launched. What a sight. Great for indoor play. Makes me wish I was a dog!

7. Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

Depending on the size you get, this dog activity toy comes with either 3 or 6 squirrels. The squirrels squeak, which is always something no dog can resist. Apart from squirrels, you can also use other toys you have to place in the log.

Your dog or even puppy will stick their head right in to pull out a squeaky squirrel. These are plush toys, so if your dog is a big chewer, just keep an eye, since they can rip it apart and expose the cotton. Having said that, many soft toys are also vulnerable to the chewers.

8. Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

This is a dog activity toy that is guaranteed to keep your dog busy and challenged. They can smell the treats in it as they paw away to try and move the panels and get at the treats. You can even lock some panels to make things more challenging. It’s a pretty durable treat-dispensing toy and will last a very long time.

9. Colour Match (Clever Pet)

Picture from CleverPet’s Facebook page

While this is a pretty amazing toy, it is also very expensive. It is pretty hi-tech and can be described as a game console for dogs. There are touch pads and coloured lights that can produce a treat. This challenging toy will always stay challenging, which is good for mental stimulation. You will see just how smart your dog really is.

10. Orka Dog Chew Toy

This is a great toy for puppies that are chewing all the wrong things. If your luck is anything like mine, it is always an expensive shoe. It’s also great for bigger dogs that love to chew. Just like the classic Kong, it has an unpredictable bounce pattern. For dogs (and puppies) that are a little on the destructive side, this will help to curb that as they spend hours chewing on this durable toy.

Some of these toys are more expensive with reason. However, depending on your budget, I have to say even the pricier ones are absolutely worth it.

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