10 Geeky Facts About Calibration Services

  • Simon Archer
  • December 17, 2017
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If you are working with different types of machinery and devices, your business probably requires calibration services at least once a year. You might usually not be giving much thought to your calibration service, but here are 10 facts you might find interesting.

1. Some businesses need calibration services quite often

How often does your company need calibration services? Although some businesses need them only once or twice a year, others need to get in touch with their calibration expert more often than that.

2. Any calibration service requires a piece of calibration equipment

Have you ever wondered how calibration services work? Well, a calibration expert will have a piece of calibration equipment that will be used as a standard, and they will compare your devices to that reliable standard before adjusting them.

3. Your calibration service might adjust your equipment at no extra cost

Depending on your calibration service, they might provide you with minor adjustments at no extra cost. Replacement of the disposable batteries in your devices might also be included in the price of your calibration service.

4. Your calibration service might involve pick-up and delivery

Pick-up and delivery of your equipment that needs to be calibrated can also be included in the price of your scheduled calibration service. Once again, this depends on the calibration service you are using.

5. You can choose between in-house or on-site calibration services

Did you know it was possible to have your machinery calibrated at your facilities? Search for on-site calibration services. They can help eliminate downtime and interruptions, while making sure your equipment won’t get damaged during shipping.

6. Calibration services keep your processes safe

A lot of things depend on calibration services. Keeping your machinery and devices well calibrated at all times ensures the safety of your processes. Accurate measurements are necessary for safe, quality products.

7. Calibration services can help you save a lot of money

Manufacturing errors can end up costing you a fortune. Well calibrated machinery will help prevent manufacturing errors, allowing you to save a lot of time and money. Without calibration services, you might not be able to rely on your equipment.

8. Calibration services are particularly important in the food industry

Calibration services help ensure that food is heated or stored at the right temperature. Without well calibrated equipment, people would end up eating stale food. This is why calibration services are necessary in the food industry.

9. Your company needs a calibration certificate

A calibration certificate is a document that is delivered to you after your equipment has been properly calibrated. It contains important information about your equipment, and it is a proof that it has been checked by a calibration expert.

10. Some experts specialize in one type of calibration service

Some companies offer all the calibration services you can think of, while others specialize in one or two services. Choosing the right service for your needs depends on the type of equipment you are using.

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