The 5 Hidden Secrets of Your Office Photocopier

  • Simon Archer
  • August 10, 2017
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A photocopying machine is an essential piece of any office big or small, making it easy for employees to make copies of needed documents, send faxes, and print from multiple workstations. If you are like any other employee, you use the office photocopier daily and multiple times without giving much thought to the features offered on a photocopier that can make your work responsibilities even easier.

Below are 5 ‘hidden’ features of most photocopiers that are not too well known in the workplace but can make processes more flawless and efficient.

1. Hard drive

Many companies use a handful of documents time and time again and when more copies are needed they dig out the original document and commence the process of photocopying it. What many people do not know is the photocopier has a hard drive enclosed that can store documents that you copy repeatedly.

An office photocopier is also capable of storing a printed document and locking its access until you enter a passcode when you go to retrieve it. This allows for increased privacy and confidentiality by ensuring documents are not lost or mixed in with others. The hard drive can also store fax numbers used frequently to improve work processes. Be mindful that your documents and fax numbers are stored until you delete them. Therefore, if you sell the photocopier, delete everything on the hard drive to prevent breaches of confidentiality.

2. Colour vs. monochrome

Because a large majority of things copied in an office are documents, employees often do not know that their office photocopier is capable of copying and printing in colour. This is especially helpful for meeting printouts and presentations as well as the odd occasion where a photo is needed.

If you make a copy of something and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can choose the shapen (or soften) button and adjust the shape of the image to make it clearer. The contrast button can adjust the shades of your copied document.

3. Re-sizing

Many people have had at least one instance where they attempt to copy a document or photo and it does not result in the intended size. Most photocopiers have options where you can increase or reduce the size of the document that results in whichever size desired. This is especially helpful in odd-shaped documents that need to be copied onto standard-sized paper.

Most office photocopiers include an image manipulation feature that allows the user to increase or decrease the copied document or photo by a specified percentage.

4. Binding and sorting

Most employees are unaware of binding and sorting features on an office photocopier and these options make processes a lot easier. Binding means the method in which your copied or printed document will be held together. This can include various methods such as stapling or punching holes into copies for files, binders, and manuals.

The sorting (or grouping) option on the machine automatically puts documents longer than two pages in the correct order so you do not have to do this manually. This will make sure all documents are in order, save you time during your workday, and allow you to move on to other responsibilities.

5. Envelopes

Many people do not know about this feature and still choose to hand-write the information on their letters. An office photocopier allows an employee to type a name and address into the envelopes and labels section of a word processor and choose the print option. The user can either feed an envelope into a specified tray on the copier or the machine may be able to contain all envelopes until printed. Either way the envelope prints with the information entered by the user, producing an envelope that is neat and professional-looking.

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