8 Geeky Facts About Material Handling Solutions

  • Simon Archer
  • November 18, 2017
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When large quantities of materials need to be moved in a production environment, some material handling equipment is required. Material handling equipment can be any piece of equipment used to move, control and store materials.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about the material handling solutions used in warehouses and factories.

1. There are 4 main categories of material handling equipment

The different material handling solutions used by manufacturers can be divided into 4 main categories: bulk material handling, engineered systems, storage and handling equipment, and industrial trucks. There are many material handling solutions in each category.

2. It’s important to partner with a material handling equipment supplier

Manufacturers looking for flow racks, carts, lift trucks, conveyor belts, or any other material handling solutions should seek to establish a strong business partnership with a reputable supplier of material handling equipment. A partner will always be there to provide them with the solutions they need, when they need them.

3. There are different types of industrial trucks

Industrial trucks are any types of vehicles that are used to transport materials from one point to the other. They can be large motorized vehicles, or small hand-operated devices. Automated guided vehicles, lift trucks, hand trucks, pallet trucks, platform trucks and sideloaders are all examples of industrial trucks used for material handling.

4. It’s not helpful to have too many lift trucks

Not having enough lift trucks in a warehouse can be a serious problem, but having too many of them is not helpful either. Manufacturers who value cost-efficiency should have just the right number of lift trucks for their operations, and the best way to know this number is to discuss it with their supplier of material handling solutions.

5. The right storage equipment helps increase efficiency

Storage and handling equipment is used to hold, organize and protect materials and products. Having the right type and the right size of storage equipment is essential to ensure the production efficiency of a warehouse, and to ensure the floor space is used properly.

6. Maintaining equipment is more expensive than purchasing it

Some material handling solutions are more expensive than they seem to be. This is because proper maintenance of some pieces of equipment will often end up being more expensive than the equipment itself. However, proper maintenance is necessary and should never be overlooked.

7. Material handling solutions eventually pay for themselves

Even though purchasing, operating and maintaining material handling equipment is expensive, this equipment will eventually pay for itself as it helps manufacturers streamline their operations and increase their efficiency. Material handling solutions are always a very good investment.

8. New technologies will always improve material handling solutions

Even though some material handling solutions still look and function the same as they did years ago, new technologies are constantly improving many of them. Manufacturers should always consider the latest material handling solutions as new ways to reach towards the full potential of their operations.

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