8 Fun Flu Shot Facts and Trivia Information 💉

  • Simon Archer
  • March 11, 2019
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If you want to avoid getting sick during the coldest time of the year, you may want to get the flu shot. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to do and only takes a few minutes of your time. However, many people may not obtain this shot because they think it hurts. The flu shot isn’t painful at all. You may feel more motivated to get it when you know facts about this vaccine.

Fact #1 – The best time to get the flu shot is fall.

If you’re on the fence about when to schedule your flu shot, you’ll be glad to know the ideal time. It’s essential to prepare ahead for the coldest months of the year. Most medical experts agree you should get the flu shot by October. Keep in mind it will take a couple of weeks before your body will be prepared to fight off the flu with this vaccine.

Of course, many medical providers will offer this vaccine during early fall. As long as you do take time to get it, the better it will be for prevention.

Fact #2 – Viruses can survive on any surface for 2-8 hours.

Did you know this virus can live on any surface for two to eight hours? This is a long time when you think about it.

The best way to minimize the chances of getting the flu is by keeping all counters cleaned off daily. Using a sanitizer and the proper cleaning agents is the key to having success.

Fact #3 – You can get a simple diagnosis quickly.

If you or one of your family members contacts the flu, you can get a diagnosis in only a few minutes. Of course, you’ll need to visit a medical provider or clinic in your area to do so.

There will be a swab test conducted, and this isn’t painful at all. However, if you think you have the flu, this is something you’ll want to do to get the proper treatment.

Fact #4 – There are three types of influenza.

Before getting your flu shot, you may be interested in knowing how many types of flu viruses there are. There are three viruses that you can catch, and these include the A, B and C.

One tidbit you may be interested in knowing is that type A is the most severe. If you do contract this virus type, it’s ideal to seek medical treatment to get better in the least time.

Fact #5 – 5% – 20% of people get the flu annually.

One of the ways to motivate you to get this vaccine may rest in knowing the number of people that get this virus. The more aware you are of this, the higher the chance of seeking preventative treatment.

Most medical experts agree that 5%-20% of people do get the flu annually. This is a large portion of people, and the severity of the flu will vary from person to person.

Fact #6 – It’s possible to die from the flu.

You’ll want to be aware that it’s even possible for the flu to be fatal for many people. This makes it even more important to seek the flu shot.

The number of deaths does vary from year-to-year depending on how severe the flu is for a specific timeframe. However, it’s always a good idea to remember that’s death is a possibility when contracting the flu, so it’s wise to seek treatment swiftly.

Fact #7 – The origin of the name influenza came from Italy.

One interesting fact is where the name Influenza came from in the beginning. The word flu is of Italian descent. It means influence, and this is because many think the planet and stars may cause the flu to occur to certain people.

It’s thought this particular word was used for the very first time in history around the year 1703.

Fact #8 – Getting the flu shot will decrease your chances of getting the flu by 50%.

It’s important to know that getting the flus hot could decrease your chances of getting the flu by as much as 50%. This is a significant decrease in the possibility of having the flu and may be the motivation you need to seek it. However, if you do get this virus, it’s likely that it will be much less severe if you have the flu shot. Not having to suffer nearly as long with being sick should be good enough reason to do so.

The last thing you’ll want is having to spend days in bed an unable to do many of the things you love doing each day. Many of the symptoms of the flu include vomiting, running a fever and not feeling well.

Investing time and a bit of money to get the flu shot is sure to prove worth the effort. Of course, if you have health insurance in place, this should cover the cost of the shot. Remaining healthy during all times of the year should be foremost on your mind. You can increase the possibility of doing so with the flu vaccine!

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