7 Frequently Asked Questions About Courier Services

  • Simon Archer
  • July 6, 2018
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When choosing a courier service, it is important to ask the right questions so as to get the services you need. It is also worth noting that local courier services are cheaper and more convenient than the big courier service providers such as postal services. To find out which company to work with, some background research on the courier company is highly recommended. Here are a few questions you could ask.

1. How Long Has the Company Been Operational?

When picking the right courier company, nothing else beats the company’s track record of providing cutting-edge services. The courier company should have considerable experience in the courier industry to be able to stand up to your scrutiny. A track record of on-time deliveries goes a long way in encouraging clients’ trust.

2. How Reliable and Professional Are Their Drivers?

What everyone needs when looking for a courier service is for their documents and packages to reach them safely. Companies that use branded cars and have their drivers wear uniforms appear more professional than those that don’t. Courier drivers should be intensely trained and vetted to ensure they are the right fit for the company.

3. What Service Options Does the Company Offer?

A good courier service should meet both your short- and long-term needs. This will help you maintain a steady relationship that could even lead to more business and better deals in future. It is also important to find out whether they provide several levels of service that you could choose from depending on your needs.

4. Does the Company Use Appropriate Technology?

Knowing whether a courier service provider uses up-to-date technology in managing their orders provides you with insights about their efficiency. A courier company that uses modern technology to manage and monitor orders and deliveries is likely to be more efficient than a company that uses outdated processes. Find out if they provide personalized services to customers. The technology used should provide real-time tracking of packages and signature verification upon delivery.

5. Is the Company’s Pricing Structure Transparent?

A good courier service provider should offer a transparent pricing structure. Clients should be able to visit a company’s website or call and know exactly how much it would cost them to send a package. There should be no hidden fees in their pricing structure. For instance, a reputable courier company should not charge extra for unforeseen fuel surges, especially when a package is in transit.

6. What Measures Are in Place to Solve Problems?

However good a courier service is, things occasionally go wrong. This could be a delayed delivery of your package due to this or that complication. When this happens, the company should have mechanisms for providing personal feedback to the clients so as to keep them updated. If there is a delay in delivering a client’s package, a good courier company should provide the client with instant constant feedback on the status of their package. This greatly builds trust between the client and the courier company.

7. Can They Handle Sensitive Deliveries?

There are times when you need to send special and sensitive packages. A courier company should have in place a mechanism for handling such sensitive packages. These may include medical deliveries such as DNA samples and other highly sensitive packages that require extreme care when handling and when in transit. Courier companies should handle packages that are highly fragile with extreme care.

It is very important to research courier companies before you settle on one that is likely to provide you with the best courier service. Asking the right people the right questions will invariably help you identify the most appropriate company to approach. In most cases, the best yardstick should be a company’s track record of delivering quality services.

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