7 Benefits of Ozone Therapy

  • Simon Archer
  • September 5, 2017
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Ozone therapy seems to be a controversial subject for whatever reason (most likely to do with money) which is unfortunate. Ozone therapy is a natural and alternative way of treating cancer yet in North America, it seems to only be taught in private or naturopathic educational institutions.

This means that your doctor may not know too much about it in order to help you. You can receive ozone therapy from some naturopathic doctors, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits ozone therapy may hold for you.

1. Strengthens Immune System

Ozone has the ability to calm and strengthen your immune system. An over-active immune system, for example, when you have an auto-immune disease, can be calmed with ozone therapy. On the other hand, an underactive immune system can be stimulated.

2. Ozone Will Kill Viruses & Bacteria

Ozone has the ability to kill viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi on contact. Ozone somehow manages to interfere and stop or block something in its control system. A certain amount of ozone is all it takes to break through the cell membrane which destroys bacteria. It can also kill cancer cells. Viruses multiply within a host cell, unlike bacteria. Viruses change the protein of a host cell to make their own protein. What ozone does is it diffuses through the protein coat and damages the viral RNA (ribonucleic acid).

3. Increases Oxygen Level

Oxygen helps all of us to make energy. If our cells cannot make energy, then the cells will die. This means that the person will die as well. Ozone increases our oxygen levels to the cells by having it delivered by our red blood cells.

4. Detoxifies The Body

Ozone is pretty effective in detoxifying the body. By using transdermal ozone therapy, ozone can enter the body through the skin as it penetrates the blood, fat and lymph. Ozone goes in and toxins come out through the sweating process. This is a powerful way of oxygenating the body as well as detoxifying it.

5. It Can Kill Cancer Cells

Cancer cells get their energy by fermentation and not oxidation. A high oxygen environment will kill them. In many countries, ozone therapy is used to combat cancer. Healthy cells have enzymes protecting them from being oxidized. Unhealthy cells lack these enzymes. This means that these unhealthy cells are defenceless against ozone. There has been evidence to show that terminal breast cancer patients who became bedridden and sent home to die saw their energy levels rise. They began to become ambulatory and showed other signs of improvement.

6. Anti-Aging

To prolong youthfulness, it’s important to increase the amount of oxygen in your cells and in your blood. One of the most powerful methods to do this is through ozone therapy.

7. Increases Energy Levels

Oxygen helps create energy for our cells. Sometimes, this process, though natural, isn’t what it should be, especially as we get older. Ozone can revitalize this process by creating more energy from oxygen that you breathe.

Ozone therapy has been used all over the world for many years now. In North America, though it is used, it has yet to be fully recognized by the medical authorities who call the shots. Maybe they just don’t have the energy to look into it, in which case, perhaps they need a shot of ozone to give them the energy!

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