6 Geeky Facts About Sheet Metal Roofing

  • Simon Archer
  • February 16, 2018
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Sheet metal roofing has become a popular option as an alternative to some other traditional types of roofing like asphalt shingles, wooden shingles, or tiles. Sheet metal roofing still comes in pieces that are small enough to manage easily, although they are bigger than traditional shingles.

There are many reasons why sheet metal roofing has become so popular and why it is a logical choice for any roof.

1. Sheet metal is durable

Roofing your home with sheet metal will help you avoid any major roof repairs in the future. Or at least for a very long time. Sheet metal roofing is resistant to extreme whether conditions like dramatic temperature changes, high winds, snow, rains, and heavy storms. But not only is it resistant to the damaging effects of extreme whether, but it can also withstand other damaging effects like mould, rot, fire, and pests.

Many people think metal will rust easily when exposed to a lot of rain and moisture, however this is not true. Modern metal roofing is very resistant to rust due to the coatings that keep it protected.

Many companies will put a 20 to 50-year warranty on sheet metal roofing, and even the paint has a warranty of 30 years on average.

2. It is energy efficient

Because it is a reflective surface, sheet metal roofing can redirect harsh direct sunlight on the building, which helps cut cooling costs by up to 40% in hot weather.

In colder climates, sheet metal roofing can actually insulate a building against the cold, saving you a little bit of money on heating when it gets chilly out.

There are also some different finishes and choices that can be made to increase the energy efficiency of your sheet metal roof.

3. It is lightweight

Metal roofing can be 50 to 75% lighter than other traditional roofing materials. This makes installation much easier because the materials are significantly lighter to work with.

Lighter materials also ease the stress on a building’s structure which can increase the amount of time a building will remain structurally sound.

4. It is better for the environment

There are many different environmental benefits sheet metal roofing has to offer.

First, it’s made up of about 95% recycled materials. It also doesn’t create lots of greenhouse gasses in manufacturing, so it has a much lower carbon footprint than some other traditionally-used materials.

Even though they last a very long time, there may come a day when a sheet metal roof needs to be disposed of. When this day does come, it is completely recyclable, which means there is no waste produced by this roofing in the disposal process. The sheet metal will also protect the building it covers and can help reduce waste caused by other materials on the structure.

5. It is more expensive

One thing that people may see as a negative about sheet metal roofing is the price. This type of roofing can cost quite a bit more than other types of roofing. It is important, however, to remember that the durability will keep maintenance costs low. In the long run, it could end up being cheaper, but it just means forking up the cash all at once as opposed to dispensing it over time.

6. It can be noisy

Some people complain about the noise of things hitting the metal roof, however it is more common now to install a material underneath the metal roof. This will insulate the home from the noise of things like rain on the roof, but won’t take away from any of the positives that sheet metal roofs have to offer

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