5 Essential Features of the Latest Aviation Software

  • Simon Archer
  • June 25, 2018
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When an aviation company or airline has many aircrafts in their fleet, it is imperative to have a mechanism to monitor tasks that need to be done involving them. This can include training, cleaning, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure the safety of the aircrafts meets standards and regulations. As a result, aviation software has become a mainstay among agencies in charge of aircrafts.

Below are 5 important functions that aviation software can have and is capable of.

1. Flight training

Both skilled pilots and rookies are required to undertake extensive training and testing. Much of this training is usually done by use of computerized simulators that make it easy to learn the basics of flying planes in a short duration.

These simulators need to be approved and certified by government agencies responsible for aviation oversight. Most of these software applications are full-motion simulators which emulate challenging real-world flight situations. They allow pilots to experience the physical sensations that are involved in flying a real aircraft.

The real airplane cockpit is usually quite noisy and sophisticated and can be intimidating to beginners. However, use of simulators that re-create the cockpit, with full controls and displays enables one to focus on one area at a time thus providing a more effective and efficient way to learn how to fly aircrafts.

2. Used in maintenance management

Most aviation maintenance software supports heavy maintenance and allows for component repairs. They usually feature modules for routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance, and provide electronic documentation that makes it easier for staff to keep track of aircrafts that require attention.

Through this software, engineers get easy access and control of maintenance which helps to keep aircrafts in stellar shape and minimize downtime. Additionally, it allows you track all maintenance events to ensure you have the required information before beginning the job.

3. Audit & accounting

Aviation software helps you to save on expenses by ensuring that all the required parts are ready in time and the best prices were received on each purchase order. For instance, airplane fuel is costly and accounts for up to 40 percent of the operating cost. Getting reliable software to optimize such expenses can help you save millions.

According to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NAOA), a significant number of commercial flight passengers make their ticket purchases online. Using a ticket sale management system usually incorporated into an aviation software application can provide flight information on seat availability and pricing to customers. This in turn can simplify the ticket purchase process and has the potential to increase your profits.

4. Aircraft control

Early aircrafts featured moving parts that were connected to the controls using cables. Modern-day aircraft, use a wire system where computer software is embedded in the pilot’s controls to manage and control engines and other equipment. Dynamic route planning and optimization also provide navigation data to pilots to enhance efficiency and ensure flights are completed in a timely manner.

Auto-pilot systems are used to obtain the aircraft’s current location and automatically guide the plane through the flight control system. They feature thrust and throttle control capabilities to increase airspeed and help during aircraft takeoff and landing.

5. Assist during aircraft design

Computer-aided design programs relating to aircraft design are available to help aeronautical engineers in a range of design processes that involve the integration of airplane parts and testing of aerodynamic performances. They offer an inexpensive and quick way of designing better aircraft that are more reliable and fuel-efficient.

To make aircrafts more reliable, such software comes as a full package suite that offers the most basic design tools and platforms. This saves engineers time that they would have initially spent in designing the aircraft from scratch.

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