5 Benefits of In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

  • Simon Archer
  • March 13, 2018
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The loss of the ability to hear is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can endure. It is through hearing that we are able to communicate with our friends, family members, and colleagues. You can also appreciate the world around you more if you can hear what is going on.

Hearing keeps you safe since you are alerted to danger through sounds such as car engine, a siren, or an alarm. However, some people have mild to severe hearing problems which prevent them from enjoying their lives to the fullest. A hearing aid is a great accessory that will make you appreciate life once again by helping you hear clearly. There are different types of hearing aids and all offer different benefits, but below are the advantages of having in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids.

1. Shell fits the shape of the ear

One of the most significant advantages of the ITE hearing aid is that it is custom made for you. Since the hearing aid is made from an impression of the shape and the size of your ear, it will fit perfectly.

Also, the ITE hearing aid is relatively smaller than the more popular behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid and so it is more discreet. It is also almost unnoticeable especially if its color matches the tone of your skin.

2. Easy to adjust

Since ITE hearing aids are more accessible than other types of hearing aids like in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids, they are easier to adjust the volume by turning it up or down at your discretion.

The ITE hearing aids are made from lightweight material. Once you get used to them, you will barely remember that you are wearing hearing aids.Β  Since they are larger than completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids, they have larger batteries which do last longer, saving you noticeable amounts of money in the long run.

3. Easy insertion & removal

There are times that you will not need your hearing aids. ITE hearing aids are a great option since removing them is quite easy and so is putting them back in. Due to their larger size, they also offer good sound quality and are suitable to be worn in a relatively noisy environment.

Although they are larger than IIC and CIC models, they are smaller than BTE hearing aids and do not have an extension that runs behind the ear. Due to this, they are perfect for people who wear glasses and those who are required to wear protective goggles at work.

4. Suitable for most hearing problems

ITE hearing aids are ideal for people with hearing issues that are significantly advanced. Usually, the more severe the case of hearing loss, the larger the hearing aid will have to be.

However with technological advancement, ITE hearing aids are being used by audiologists to rectify mild to moderate hearing problems. Additionally, since they fit perfectly to your ear, they receive less interference and have low occurrences of whistling.

5. Can connect to other devices

With normal hearing aids, if you want to listen to music or watch your favorite show on television, you will have to remove the hearing aids and use headphones or get closer to the source.

Modern ITE hearing aids can connect to electronics such as the television, phone, and tablet via Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity. Therefore, you will be able to listen to your favourite song or watch your favourite show without taking any additional steps. With the connectivity enabled in your ITE hearing aids, you can easily keep in touch with family and friends easily by turning on the Bluetooth on your phone.Β  Your hearing aids act as a sound receiver which enables you to communicate effectively and conveniently.

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