5 Benefits of Fingerprint Scanning Security Systems

  • Simon Archer
  • February 1, 2018
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Technology has become a common and desired feature in modern security systems. Today business owners and individuals are shifting to the use of biometrics to enhance security in their places of work and homes. Fingerprint scanning is one system that has gained popularity in different parts of the world with many modern businesses using fingerprint scanning security systems mainly to prevent undocumented access to secure areas and identity theft among employees.

If you have not made the switch to a fingerprint scanning system at your workplace or home, the following are 5 advantages of them and reasons why they should definitely be considered.

1. Highly secure

Unlike with traditional security systems where it is possible to forge passwords and smart cards, fingerprint scans are unique and cannot be faked or replicated. Fingerprint scanning systems use biological characteristics that are unique to each person meaning only the person whose fingerprint matches the one stored in the system has access to the restricted area.

Fingerprint scanning offers a high level of security because it is not possible to duplicate fingerprints of another person or use them in their absence. It is not possible to breach security based on employee carelessness or errors as it is typical for employees to misplace or forget their keys or access cards.

2. Cost effective

The main goal of every business is to maximize profits and reduce operational costs. Fingerprint scanning security systems are appealing because they are economical and the business owner saves money on security-related costs. With fingerprint scanning systems, the only equipment required is a simple fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader is installed with software that pinpoints the image created to a certain individual from the database electronically.

This means that companies that use fingerprint scanners are able to avoid costs associated with traditional security systems such as maintaining them and reprogramming badges or access cards or cut additional keys. Very few equipment is required in fingerprint scanning security systems and most of the upgrading is done on the software end only.

3. Internal use

Business organizations and individuals can use fingerprint scanning systems for various purposes depending on their needs. For instance, fingerprint scanning can be used to verify individual identity before one is granted access to restricted areas. In a company, not everyone has access to all places however it is possible for someone to steal keys to such rooms access them without permission.

One of the most effective ways that a company can use to make sure only authorized people have access to specified rooms is by using fingerprint scanning systems for opening doors to secure areas. Fingerprint systems can also be used to check when employees arrive and leave workplace electronically. This prevents time theft among employees and cases of employees clocking their co-workers in and out.

4. Reliable & accurate

Fingerprint-based security provides business owners with a secure, accurate, and reliable way of tracking employees. Companies do not have to keep any records or store extra data because the fingerprint-based security system only uses fingerprints and stores all information within the system. Employees are not required to keep passwords and smart cards for use in the workplace, eliminating some of the errors that make traditional security systems less reliable.

Fingerprint scanning systems are able to accurately identify a specific individual out of many fingerprints, ensuring that the correct person gains access to the area. Also known as the biometric access system, you should be able to install the security system with the help of a professional locksmith.

5. User-friendly & time-saving

The fingerprint-based security system is extremely quicker than traditional security systems. This makes it time-saving and suitable for large organizations such as corporations and colleges where large numbers of people are coming and going and need to be identified in a short period of time. Fingerprints scanners work very quickly and a person can be identified or rejected within a few seconds. This prevents time loss and increases employee productivity if a system is installed at a workplace.

Fingerprint-based security systems are user-friendly as once the system is installed, users require no help to use the system and in turn get access to restricted areas. All that is needed is a short introduction to the system.

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