4 Scientific Reasons Why Steel Is Used in Building Constructions

  • Simon Archer
  • June 30, 2017
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  • 4 Scientific Reasons Why Steel Is Used in Building Constructions

Steel buildings have a lot of advantages over traditional wooden structures. They include strength, versatility, simplicity, safety and cost effectiveness. They are easy to install and a snap to operate.  Steel buildings come with a guarantee of 30 years or more and can stand up and survive heavy snow and harsh Canadian winter conditions. They are affordable and will never, ever rot, or be eaten by termites.

Steel buildings can be used for just about anything from home to commercial to agricultural to industrial. Their hallmarks are consistency and durability and they provide definite advantage over traditional buildings. This is true whether they are being used as a garage, a barn or a storage centre. Here are four main benefits of steel buildings when compared to wood, brick or concrete structures.

1. Strength

Steel is a powerful metal that has the highest strength to weight ratio than all other building materials. This makes steel buildings stronger and more durable than wood, brick or concrete, despite their light weight. In fact, steel buildings are almost half the weight of a comparable wooden structure. This reduces the footing and foundation requirements of a steel building and makes them cheaper and easier to install. Steel buildings are strong in the face of very high winds and will not buckle or bend. They are also better for areas which are prone to tremors or earthquakes and they are non-combustible and will never catch on fire. They are also strong against mould and mildew and will never rot or break down like wood or brick structures.

2. Versatility

Steel buildings are amongst the most versatile structures ever erected. They are completely maintenance and repair free and can be used for just about anything. Some people use them for an extra garage at their residence while farmers love the ability to store their harvests in a safe, clean and pest-free environment.

Steel buildings can be built and expanded to any length, and their simple construction requires only a few some standard tools and the help from some friends to stand it up. They come with an easy to follow instruction manual that guides you through the simple directions to erect your own steel building. You save time and money and can expect a hassle-free installation process. There is no need to even inspect for crowns and twists as is the case with other metal buildings. Steel will remain firm and resilient to all kinds of damages and it is one hundred percent recyclable which is good for the environment too.

3. Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings are amongst the most affordable choices you can make for a building or structure. They really do provide maximum usable space for a minimal financial investment. Compared to wood, bricks and cement they give the best value per square foot and definitely cost less when compared to any form of traditional building.

The raw material is also much cheaper and steel buildings are cheaper to install and maintain. Their roofs hold in heat and make them energy efficient and they do not need any protection from the weather or the wind. They sustain almost no damage from insects or things like mildew or mould and they are on average cheaper to keep up than any other form of building structure. If cost is the primary concern, steel buildings are the clear and least expensive choice no matter what the need.

4. Safety

Steel buildings are about the safest structures that you could imagine. People and property inside a steel structure are well protected from high winds and even hurricanes and tornadoes Steel buildings are the preferred choice for areas that are prone to earthquakes and tremors. They are expandable and can be easily reinforced if the need arises. There is little to fear from any outside event or danger inside the safety of a properly installed steel building.

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