4 Package Design Questions for Your eCommerce Business

  • Simon Archer
  • August 19, 2017
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  • 4 Package Design Questions for Your eCommerce Business

Choosing the right type of packaging supplies for your product can be a difficult task. Though, ultimately, with the right packaging company, it can be one of the most fun, there are several things business owners like you should keep in mind when selecting the best packaging and packaging company to work with. This simple guide will help you consider everything you should keep in mind from easiness of travel, to selecting the right material and size, to understanding your audience.

1. Will Your Packaging Travel Well?

This is one of the most important steps to consider when selecting a packaging company to work with. You want to ensure that the packages you are sending in-house or from your business’s warehouse are being delivered with minimal damage and practical speed. If you’re not an eCommerce store, you may consider how your product will end up on a retail shelf.

Perhaps you are looking to expand your eCommerce business in the future. You want to be sure you are working with a company that meets and exceeds your short term and long term goals. Consider whether or not the boxes will stack well and if they are sturdy enough to make it from point A to point B with little damage. Remember, it’s more cost-effective to buy the right packaging rather than replace and pay for damaged goods.

2. Are You Selecting the Right Size?

Size does matter when it comes to selecting the right packaging. Are you an eCommerce beauty subscription box looking to fit ten small products into a gorgeously designed box every month? What about a clothing store where customers typically purchase two to five items per order?

Are you an Etsy store that creates customized paintings that will need flat and wide boxes? Think about your product considerably and know your customer when selecting your packaging. The right packaging company will help you identify your business’s demand to better serve your needs. The last thing you want to do is waste your company’s money by selecting the wrong amount of inventory or wrong size boxes.

3. What About Material to Carry Your Product?

Material is also considerably important when selecting your packaging. You wouldn’t want to live in a paper house, for example. You want to be sure you’re selecting the appropriate thickness for your product. The type of material you choose will help to ensure your product’s safe travel from point A to point B.

Think about the type of materials you are packaging. If they’re clothes, you may not require something as thick, but if you are an automotive eCommerce business that ships parts to consumers, you’ll want something a lot sturdier.

4. Does This Packaging Serve Your Audience?

Finally, consider whether or not this packaging you choose reflects your audience. Will your audience positively respond to this packaging? After all, it’s the first thing they see when they get the product to their doorstep. Know your customer to establish your design. Understanding your target demographic will make all the difference in the long run.

If you are looking for a packaging company to help meet all of these needs, consult The Packaging Company today. You will love their “buy, build, ship” system, setup wonderfully for you to create the most creative, customer-friendly packaging on the Web.

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