4 Insights You Can Learn From Your Website’s Data

  • Simon Archer
  • January 16, 2018
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You might think the only insight you can glean from website visitor tracking is how many people visited your website on any given day. What good is that?

Today, nothing is further from the truth. Website visitor tracking can offer B2B marketers and salespeople a wealth of valuable information that can enable them to convert more leads and drive more revenue.

With website visitor tracking, your company can learn more about its leads and stop losing out on sales opportunities. Here’s what you can learn.

1. Who Visited Your Website

Only approximately two percent of website visitors ever identify themselves by filling out a form or calling you. What about the other 98 percent? These are leads who are interested in your company enough to seek out your website and read up on your company. These are leads you should be talking to.

In the past, this was impossible. These visitors were anonymous. You couldn’t identify them or contact them. But now, technology has advanced so significantly that you can easily identify these visitors who are coming to your website and get their contact information—much more information than just their IP addresses.

Best of all? You get to know all of this information early on in the sales process. You can intervene when the leads are still in the research phase of the buying cycle, so you can make an impact before they’ve chosen to seek out other options. You can offer them helpful and informative content to ensure they choose your company over the competition.

Visitor tracking software ensures your sales pipeline is always full of new and qualified leads who are already interested in what you’re selling. By identifying this 98 percent, your sales with soar.

2. Their Interests

So, your tracking software has identified some of your website visitors. But wait—before you call them up, you should know what they’re interested in so you can have valuable conversations that are more likely to lead to conversion.

Website visitor tracking can help with this too. The software can identify which pages the visitors looked at, so you can gain more insights into their interests. You’ll know which products or services they were checking out, so you can zero in on their unique needs and pain points more effectively.

Not ready to call them up right away? You can still use this information to create targeted lead nurturing campaigns and deliver personalized, customized content that resonates with their specific interests.

3. Where They’re From

You can also learn where your leads are coming from, which can enable you to create even more personalized and customized content. You can even know which currency to quote in!

Delivering this type of personalization based on location can help you gain the visitors’ attention and boost their engagement, which, in turn, can help you sell more efficiently.

4. When They Visited Your Website

As you know, timing is important in sales.

Not sure when the best time is to send a prospecting email? Tired of getting the voicemail when you call up leads? You can avoid these challenges by understanding when your visitors have checked out your website.

You’ll know exactly when a lead is thinking about your company, which is an opportune time to call them up. You’ll know they’re available, willing, and able to chat about your products or services at that exact moment.

Visitor tracking software can give you real-time alerts when leads are on your website, which ensures timely follow-ups. You’ll never lose another prospect due to bad timing.

If you run a B2B company, it’s clear you need website visitor tracking. The software can give you a wealth of valuable information about leads that you can then use to personalize and customize nurturing content, have more valuable sales conversations, and follow up in a timely manner to increase the chances of closing the deal.

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