4 Geeky Facts About Futon Beds

  • Simon Archer
  • November 2, 2017
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A futon is a form of Japanese traditional bedding. It usually consists of both a mattress and a duvet. The Japanese often store both parts of the bedding in a closet during the day which allows the sleeping area to be used for other functions. We are more familiar with the Western-style futons which look more like a low, wooden sofa bed with a duvet cover. They can also be folded and stored or sometimes used as a couch or sofa when they are not utilized for sleeping.

1. What exactly is a futon?

Here are some of the basics of a modern futon to consider before you purchase one for your home. The mattress part of a futon is made primarily of cotton or other natural fibers. This makes it a healthier choice for those with asthma or other health considerations. The slats of the frame allow air to circulate freely below the mattress and this adds to the health aspect of a futon.

In addition, the futon mattress is thinner and less absorbent than a regular mattress and that reduces the area where dust mites can breed and minimizes their numbers in the bedroom. Futon frames come in many different styles and materials that might include metal, hardwood or pine. Futons are lightweight and easy to move in and out of small or narrow spaces.

2. The many benefits of futons

If you are considering buying a futon, here are some things you should know and some of the benefits that come with owning a futon:

  • Futons can double as couches when you’re not sleeping in them.
  • Futons can be folded flat and stored in a closet until night time.
  • Futons can fit into almost any space possible and stay out of the way
  • Futons are inexpensive to buy and simple to clean and maintain
  • Futon frames come in basic metal, hardwood or pine
  • Futons are perfect for guest rooms and dorm rooms at college
  • Futons come in either a bi-fold or lounger frame that make it easier for storage depending on your needs
  • A bi-fold futon is folded once and provides more seat room

3. Little-known facts about futons

Here are some additional little-known facts about futons:

  • Futon mattresses come in a variety of thickness and comfort to suit any need
  • Thicker futon mattresses are more comfortable
  • Futons can be made from cotton, a cotton-foam combination, a cotton-polyester blend or a cotton-wool combination
  • Futons made from cotton and foam weigh less, holds their shape and don’t sag.
  • Futons made from a polyester blend are even lighter and more flexible to hold its shape.
  • You can get an innerspring mattress made of a spring unit that sits between layers of foam and cotton to give the feel of a traditional mattress.
  • You can buy a washable cover, pillows, and other accessories to protect your futon
  • You can get a futon set that comes with a futon frame, a mattress, a non-slip pad and optional covers and pillows

4. Getting good sleep on a futon

Don’t forget that you will need to choose a futon that is right for you so go and try a few out at the futon or bedding store before you buy. Remember as well that you will need all of the main components of a futon. That includes the three main parts, a futon frame, a futon mattress, and a futon cover.

Many futon frames also include a futon body and a set of arms, although in some cases the futon frame may not need arms. Measure the space before you go to the store and then choose the style and size of futon frame that will fill that space perfectly. Then spend a couple of extra dollars on a nice futon set to pretty up your room and guarantee that you will have a nice relaxing futon to sleep on.

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