4 Benefits of a Well-Managed Data Centre

  • Simon Archer
  • May 6, 2018
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Data centres have become a critical piece of technological infrastructure in today’s information age. Any business or organization that manages a large volume of information can benefit from operating a well-structured data centre. Data centres are facilities in which networked computers, storage, and hardware work together to manage large sums of data.

Data centres have the potential to become a critical asset in the day to day operations of almost any organization. Businesses commonly store all important information within their data centres, as well as most necessary software and applications. Employees can access data centres to retrieve and store their work, and the networked nature of a data centre creates an environment well suited for collaborative work efforts.

1. Increase your efficiency with an optimized data centre

Simply purchasing the equipment to build a data centre, or paying a professional provider to operate an off-site data centre isn’t quite enough, however. A poorly designed data centre can be a significant burden on expenses, and mismanagement can bring a data centre to a halt entirely, rendering day to day operations difficult.

The benefits of a well-operated data centre dramatically outweigh the initial hurdles in taking one on, however, and utilizing a professional data centre host and management team can almost trivialize the difficulty in setting one up. Aside from initial setup, a well-trained team can manage and optimize your data centre in such a way as to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide redundancy.

2. A professionally designed data centre has lower operational costs

With any large network of hardware, energy efficiency becomes an immediate costly concern. Understanding and developing more effective strategies to manage power output is a major design hurdle for any data centre. An experienced data centre management team understands how to optimize energy expenditure and reduce heating concerns.

Managed data centres often provide and implement cooling strategies for the equipment, which helps to prevent any unexpected failures from occurring. By utilizing energy efficient equipment, and developing a well-organized network, it’s possible to reduce energy concerns by making the data centre more efficient. The reduction of energy consumption also carries the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly, which is great for any business attempting to go green.

3. Well managed data centres experience near 100% up-time

As a critical component in day to day operations, its vital that a data centre and the information stored within is available at all times. One of the key services offered by a professional host or management team is monitoring and ensuring the availability of the data centre at all times.

There are innumerable reasons that a data centre could go down, ranging from networking issues to a small component malfunction. Employing an experienced management team helps to prevent these issues from occurring, and ensures that in the instance that a failure does occur, the staff on hand have the skills required to resolve it.

4. Critical infrastructure requires increased monitoring

Because data centres contain business-critical information, it’s important that they’re monitored at all times to ensure that they’re operating smoothly and without concern. As with any system that contains valuable data, security concerns come into play. A professional management team will employ both software and hardware security measures in order to protect a businesses interests from any unforeseen security threats.

Outside of technical security, a managed host often provides stringent and comprehensive security services for the area in which the servers are located. With these security measures in place, critical business assets are secured from outside vulnerabilities.

Overall, a well-operated data centre is a substantial component of many businesses. Taking advantage of tried and true professionally managed data centre hosting provides any business, be they a small start-up, or a large corporation, the opportunity to capitalize on a powerful technology without a significant struggle.

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