11 Most Popular Types of Hats

  • Simon Archer
  • June 11, 2019
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Different hats, different people, and different occasions. Depending on where you are and what you want to represent, there are any number of hats which can help you communicate that. Wearing a fat that’s fashionable and which suits your personality is key, no matter where you’re going.

Here are the eleven most popular types of hats:

1. Beanie hats

Beanies are long and soft, usually made of wool, and provides protection and coverage during winter. Beanies are also worn in the summer as a fashion statement. There are plenty of ways to customize a beanie, incorporating different colors and models. These types of hats look cute on women and well placed on men. It’s a great cover for a bad hair day or, because it can give off this vibe, when you’re just in the mood to look a little mean.

2. Snapback hats

Snapbacks are worn by celebrities, Instagram influencers, and people all over the world, showcasing their favourite brands with logos front and center. For brands, they love snapbacks as a platform to show themselves off and build a community of fans. Design-wise, snapback hats have a wider and larger brim. The stamp on the front is also key. Wear these types of hats as a casual accessory or for a night out. It’s as fashionable as it is practical, giving you maximum protection against the sun.

3. Floppy hats

Floppy hats are inspired by Bohemian and hippie living. For women with long hair or curls, floppy hats can enhance their look. They’re purposefully built overly large and floppy. The detailing is what makes them so stylist. They can be paired with a floral dress or almost anything casual in summer. It’s an effortless look and one that can help you feel more privacy under the hot sun.

4. Beret hats

Berets are inherently European, with most people knowing them from France and Spain. Berets were first a part of their military uniform before gaining popularity as a fashionable hat. These types of hats are typically a mix of wool, acrylic fibers, and cotton. They have no rim, are flat, and the center will pop out a little. It can be worn centered or to one side.

5. Fedora hats

Fedora hats were originally worn by men practically a century ago but today, it’s worn by stylish women and men both. Today’s fedoras are more colorful, with embellishment, and sometimes floral arrangements incorporated. A fedora has a short brim and an indent on one or both sides. Fedoras can be a ravishing hat that’ll pair with almost any outfit, from casual to formal and layered.

6. Cloche hats

Cloche hats were originally popular in the early 1800s in France but have undergone quite the makeover since. They’re long on all sides, narrow, and are meant to sit low on the head. Cloche hats can be paired with buttons, embellishments, and other features depending on style. As a throwback, cloche hats are always nice to have around to pair with something formal or dressy.

7. Top hats

You’re unlikely to find a lot of people willing to experiment with the look of a top hat. That said, they can make for a heck of a fashion statement. Always elegant and classic, a top hat is tall, wide-brimmed, and flat. They’ve been worn as far back as Abraham Lincoln although today top hats are designed a little differently. They’re easily customizable and are regularly worn on occasions like weddings, proms, or for high-end formal events.

8. Cowboy hats

Cowboy hats are not necessarily as fashionable or as practical as they were decades ago. Regardless, they’re still worn today in many rural areas and in country music-friendly parts of the country. Anyone working out under the sun for long days usually has a cowboy hat or a similar alternative on-hand. Fashion-wise, a cowboy hat can still work for many people tagged with flannel shirts, jeans, boots, and that outdoors aesthetic.

9. Baseball caps

Baseball caps are a type of hat which is the most common, by a long shot, worn by men and women. The baseball cap has a defined purpose and the idea for it is to ensure it stays in place no matter what’s happening around a person. It gives protection from the heat and sun, is an excellent sports-friendly hat, and comes in a variety of variants.

10. Sun hats

Sun hats are large, beautiful, and were once known as ‘lifeguard hats’ due to their ability to protect from the sun and heat. Sun hats used to be made of straw or plant fiber, and are very light. These days, sun hats are the perfect beach hat accessory. Any vacation to any place tropical, you’ll see sun hats all over. Wear it with a bikini, swimsuit, dress, or anything. They’re practically a necessity for women with a taste for hot summer weather.

11. Pork pie hats

Pork pie hats are a classic from a century ago that’s perhaps best known today as the Walter White hat from Breaking Bad. Pork pie hats are small and round, the crown is flat, and there are creases along the inner edge of the top. Pork pie hats are generally quite formal, suitable for a smarter look or worn ironically.

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