11 Creative and Versatile Uses of Bubble Wrap

  • Simon Archer
  • July 20, 2019
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Everybody loves the addictive fun of bubble wrap. There’s something just so satisfying about hearing those little air pockets pop in succession. But indeed, bubble wrap has a wide application of uses beyond the simple entertainment that comes after unpackaging. Bubble wrap is known for its functionality as a reliable material used to protect goods during the shipping process. However, there are also plenty of uses for bubble in various capacities.

Here are just some creative and versatile uses for bubble wrap:

1. Make your mail deliveries special

Buying padded envelopes at the post office can seem ridiculously expensive for some plastic and paper. Luckily, using bubble wrap along with some basic cardstock, you can make your own at home. Not only will you save money using this method, but it also gives you the chance to add some flair to your creation. Who doesn’t love receiving a mail delivery wrapped in custom packaging?

2. Insulate your windows

There are many uses for bubble wrap around the house. Dealing with pesky window drafts? Bubble wrap provides a surprisingly easy and economical way to insulate your windows without having to shell out for an expensive window covering kit. The little air pockets provide the perfect insulation and can easily be put to specification and adhered to the windows using double-sided tape. Use bubble wrap to winterize your home on a budget.

3. Upgrade your pet’s bed

The same insulating qualities that make bubble wrap a great option for winterizing your windows can also help improve the comfort of your pet’s bet. Adding some bubble wrap will help keep your pet warming during the cooler months and will provide added comfort no matter what the temperature is. Place the layers of wrap underneath the main bedding (so your pet won’t be tempted to chew on it), and you’ll have given them a cozier place to relax.

4. Protect your plants

Another great use for the insulation quality provided by bubble wrap is to make a protective covering when the temperatures drop in the evening. By covering your plants in a blanket made from bubble wrap, you’ll ensure that they are able to withstand any sudden drop in temperatures and make it through the night without suffering any damage.

5. Provide some cushion for your produce

Especially for produce that bruises easily, such as pears and peaches, having a little added protection in your fruit drawer or basket can go a long way. Adding a layer of bubble wrap with work to protect fruits and vegetables both by providing a little bit of additional padding, as well as keeping them in place so they aren’t rolling around and bumping into one another.

6. Insulate a grocery bag

If you’ve got a long drive home from the grocery store, bubble wrap can be a lifesaver. Using bubble wrap will allow you to run errands without worrying that you need to rush home and get your purchases in the fridge or freezer. Simply by lining a reusable grocery bag with bubble wrap, you’ll be able to leave ice cream and other frozen goods in the car longer without worrying that they’ll melt before you can get them home.

7. Make your own padded hangers

Regular wire hangers can leave lines on clothes or allow delicate items to slip off. Thankfully, you can easily make your own padded hangers by simply securing a piece of bubble wrap with tape around a basic hanger. Your clothes will look better and stay where they belong, another smart DIY project thanks to bubble wrap!

8. Heat your greenhouse

In the same way you can use bubble wrap to keep cold winds out of your home, you can just as effectively use it to trap warm temperatures inside. Securing bubble wrap along the walls of your greenhouse allows incoming light to be trapped and retained, creating a warmer greenhouse for seedlings without the need for expensive plastic construction materials or a supplemental heater.

9. Say goodbye to blisters

When doing yard work, the repeated motions required for racking and sweeping can quickly cause blisters to develop on your hands. A small piece of bubble wraps secured about the handle of a broom or rack can protect your hands, prevent blisters from forming, and generally just make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

10. Up your camping game

If you’ve got a large piece of big format bubble wrap, it can be great to hang on to for added comfort on your next camping trip. Easy to store and pack, just unroll it underneath your sleeping bag for some extra cushioning.

11. Maintain shoes and handbags

If you have to store shoes and handbags for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to stuff them with something to maintain the integrity of their shape. Bubble wrap is perfect because it can easily mold to different shapes and sizes and will make sure your accessories look great when you’re ready to use them.

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